Computer Lab Vinukonda

Vinukonda is a small town in Guntur district. Historically it is an under developed area and this is the only town for about 100 villages for any kind of education, hospitals and agricultural related services. Students from these villages come to Vinukonda for high school education. Vinukonda first ward ZPH school is one of the oldest which use to have co-education. Now it is turned into high school for girls only serving the poor students from the surrounding villages. Most of the students stay in government hostels and come to this school for education. Currently this school does not have any computers lab to supplement what the teachers teach in the class. In this digital age, providing such digital education for these economically backward students will give them necessary skill set when they were ready as workforce. Especially this is the workforce going to support the progress of Andhra Pradesh for years to come.

Project Documentation :

1. Project Request form

2. Project Charter.