Our Philosophy

AAA sustainability depends on serving people and meeting its objectives, to achieve this Our Philosophy is AAACPI :

Arise: To the fact there are millions of children, women and elderly poor people who need your assistance for their Education, Health care and Sanitation.

Adopt: an idea that is closest to your heart in any of the above fields. When you visit your village and see that a child does not have books to read, a women who needs help for medical or self-help programs or an elderly who needs somebody to feed. Adopt to an idea on whom you would like to serve.

Act: Work with AAA to document the need in your village closest to your heart. Let’s join hands in hand to reach to the needy and provide some kind of assistance.

Contribute: Towards the development of idea closest to your heart. The project might originate from your idea or someone else. But please do contribute. The biggest impediment is the question

“Will my money actually used for the project and used for people?”

AAA will plan, implement and maintain all the projects under its purview. When a donor donates to a project, 100% of the amount will be used for the project. AAA consists of 100% Volunteers coming forward to serve our motherland.

Any one contributing more than 50 % of the project cost, the Project will be named after the contributor’s chosen name.

All Contributions to AAA are tax deductible. An added Benefit.

Please donate generously for a great cause of building Navya Andhra Pradesh. Any amount of Donations will help immensely.

Plan: Let us plan on how the project should be executed. AAA will follow all project management processes and procedures to implement the project. Project discovery Checklist, Project Charter, Project Plan are some of the artifacts that will be published on the website as and when complete. Kindly check on some of the documents already published on our website. Help us understand the ground realities in your village and work with us to implement the project.

Implement: Let us work together to fund and implement the project. AAA is responsible for implementation of the project. Implementation of projects at reasonable cost and maintenance is the top priority for AAA. To meet this need, AAA requires all project to have local partnership either in real monetary values or contribution towards project execution and maintenance.