Digital Class Rooms

Albany Andhra Association (AAA) has partnered with AP Janmabhoomi Organization in digitizing the Government schools by providing Digital classrooms (DCR) to improve the educational standards. As of today, AAA has sponsored 100+ DCR’s in various districts of Andhra Pradesh.

The Digital Classrooms is a teacher lead educational content solution that intensely improves the learning outcomes of the school. The program supplements the delivery of class specific curriculum in both English and Telugu medium offline and online to make the learning experience in classrooms exciting, meaningful and enjoyable. It also focuses on providing Digital Content from leading service providers.

The cost of providing DCR is $1000 (USD), however Krishna District and Guntur District Collectors came forward with 60% matching option from their end which has reduced the NRI sponsorship to $400 (USD). DCR consists of 1 Computer,1 Projector,1 KVA UPS or Inverter,Screen Kit and Installation,Networking,1 Printer,Educational Material and it will be provided to the selected school in the name of Donor/their designated members.

Note that the projects will be executed through AP Janmabhoomi Organization and the schools selected are subject to the availability. AAA will try our best to keep the school list up-to-date by coordinating with AP Janmabhoomi. However if the DCR for the school is unavailable for any reason, the Donor has either an option to choose another school (or) can request for return of their funds. If you have any questions feel free to reach any of BODS or write to

Please click on Map to Select Schools. AP Map represents collector matching districts only.