2017 Elections

*************** AAA Members Election Results Update*********************

Dear AAA Member,

The election process for 2017 has concluded. Many thanks to the good work of the Election Committee members – Messrs Lakshmi Narayana Kanakamedala, Naga Kumar Kalapala, and Venkateswararao Ande. Thanks also to the Appeals Committee members – Messrs Vijay Madala, Venu Daroori, and Siva Bandaru.

The Election Committee announced the following candidates as elected.


* Mr. Venkata Srinivas Nidamanuri – 2 year term starting 1/1/2017

Board of Directors:

* Mr. Mahesh Nallamothu – 2 year term starting 1/1/2017
* Mr. Chandra Sekhar Narisetty – 2 year term starting 1/1/2017
* Mr. Raman Kota – 2 year term starting 1/1/2017
* Mr. Chandra Sekhar – 2 year term starting 1/1/2017

Board of Governors:

* Mr. Veerabhadrarao Bheemineni – 3 year term starting 1/1/2017

The members of 2017 BOD met on 12/4/2017 and co-opted following life members to the BOD for a one year term starting 1/1/2017

* Mr. Srinivas Rachamallu
* Mr. Kiran Chalivendra
* Mr. Vijay Oruganti

The member(s) of 2017 BOG met on 12/4/2017 and co-opted following life members to the BOG with input from BOD.

* Dr. Venkateswara Rao Voleti for a 2 year term starting 1/1/2017
* Dr. Rajendra Prasad Addepalli for a 1 year term.

Thanks for all BOD and BOG who graciously volunteered to serve. We are looking forward to 2017 to complete the projects already in progress and to start many new ones. We are in dire need of volunteers – we can match your interest and level of commitment.


AAA Team

*************** Election Results *********************

Dear AAA Team,

Albany Andhra Association Elections Committee declares that all the nominees were deemed elected for the term mentioned below staring January 01, 2017:

Venkata Srinivas Nidamanuri 2 years’ term

Board of Directors

Mahesh Nallamothu 2 years’ term
Chandra Sekhar Narisetty 2 years’ term
Raman Kota 2 years’ term
Chandra S Sekhar 2 years’ term

Board of Governor

Veerabhadrarao Bheemineni 3 years’ term

At the end of the election process following AAA Officers positions are still open:

Board of Directors 4-positions for one year term
Board of Governor 1-position for two years’ term
Board of Governor 1-position for one year term

Please see the attached report for complete details.

Please communicate these details to the AAA general body at the earliest. Any AAA member may contact EC through email (aaa.electioncommittee@gmail.com) for any clarifications regarding the elections.

This concludes the duties of current Election Committee and Appeals Committee.

AAA 2017 Election committee

Lakshmi Narayana Kanakamedala
Naga Kumar Kalapala
Venkateswara Rao Ande

Albany, NY

*************** Election Notification *********************

Dear Albany Andhra Association members,

Albany Andhra Association Election Committee (AAA-EC) is inviting the nominations from AAA life members for the following AAA Officers positions:

The President – 1 post
Board of Director – 8 posts
Board of Governor – 3 posts


Any eligible life member can nominate himself/herself for any one AAA Officers position by completing the attached Nomination Form. Only self-nominations are accepted. Completed Nomination Form should be sent electronically to aaa.electioncommittee@gmail.com or by postal mail to Lakshmi Narayana K, 49 Valleywood Dr, Glenville, NY 12302. Completed nomination forms shall reach AAA-EC on or before October 29, 2016 11:59 PM.


If a candidate wishes to withdraw his/her nomination, they can do so on or before November 12, 2016 11:59 PM. Withdrawal must be sent by the candidate himself/herself by email to Election Committee at aaa.electioncommittee@gmail.com.


Elections will be conducted electronically (online) for only the positions required. Online voting is scheduled on December 03, 2016 from 00:01 AM to 11:59 PM.

Declaration of successful candidates

In the event of no elections, successful candidate names and positions with term will be declared on November 13, 2016. In the event of elections, successful candidate names and positions with term will be declared on December 04, 2016.

Verify Membership

Per by-laws elections shall be conducted electronically. Each member intending to the cast vote in the election must have a valid email on file with the AAA membership committee. In case of family membership, a separate email is required for spouse. AAA-EC requests all members to verify their membership at the links below, and contact Veerabhadrarao Bheemineni at bheemineni@aol.com, if there are any concerns/updates on or before November 12, 2016.

Links to current members’ list Annual Members Life Members

Appeal Committee

The Appeal Committee is responsible for receiving and ruling on any appeals arising out of the election process. The Appeal Committee consists of:

Vijay Madala 518 301 5983 vkmadala@gmail.com
Venu Daroori 518 698 8990 vdaroori@gmail.com
Siva Bandaru 518 698 4127 sivasbandaru@gmail.com

Election Committee

E-mail for communication: aaa.electioncommittee@gmail.com

Lakshmi Narayana Kanakamedala 518 260 5116
Naga Kumar Kalapala 518 951 6463
Venkateswararao Ande 518 256 4528

List of Nominations
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AAA by-laws
AAA Election Notification
AAA Election Nomination Form – 2017


AAA Election Committee 2017
Lakshmi Narayana Kanakamedala
Venkateswara rao Ande
Naga kumar Kalapala