Project Karumanchi

Karumanchi Village located in Palnadu Area with population around 7400 people. Zilla Parishad High School at Karumanchi village was established by Government of Andhra Pradesh in year 1950. Still the school lacks basic education needs when compared to the western world. The school currently have computers provided by State Government. However, there are no additional electronic communication and education devices to support 250 students of classes 6 to 10. Recently Government constructed a couple of rooms to accommodate the growing children at the school. Having overhead projector and furniture to the newly constructed room which can be used as indoor auditorium would benefit the children the most. Classes can be conducted with visual aids and effectively deliver the education for the collage bound students.

Project Documentation :

    1. Project Request form
    2. Project Charter
    3. Appreciation Letter
    4. Photos from the project

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